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From Tom Alexander – Founder of Stress Free Minds.


The story of your first panic attack on page 2 of this site is my own testimony – and yes; I was convinced that I was actually going to die.


For someone who has been fortunate enough and not have had to experience the shear terror and violence of a full blown Anxiety or Panic attack, it is impossible to comprehend.


Even the doctor who treated me in the ER hadn’t a clue:


“Then The Doctor Said – “Good News; You’re Not  Having A Heart – Attack, You Can Relax, It’s Just A Panic Attack…”  Good News? Relax? I Couldn’t Believe What I Was Hearing – He Had Absolutely No Concept Of What I Had Just Experienced. But I Know That You Do!


Now here is the irony, and I can see the humor in it now, but not at the time. You see, I did a post graduate 2 year diploma course to qualify as a phsychodynamic therapist; Work that one out! EVEN I who had helped many people through, among other issues, General Anxiety Disorder, had a very deep sense of sympathy, not empathy. And that is why I quoted in my story that “you can never understand anyone, unless you have walked a mile in their shoes.”


I don’t need to expand here, just read my entire experience by clicking on the Panic Away navigation tab on the front page and I promise you that EVERY single word there is true.


After trying everything that I knew, and many other strategies I finally discovered the solution – And hand on heart, it is a transformation. (1)


In fact that is why I founded Stress Free Minds – To give people a portal of valuable resources, and to tell them just how Panic Away Transformed my life.


Following that. I delved deeper into my past training and revisited the norms of conventional psychology. What I discovered was truly awesome; In a short time I was able to break free from P.T.S.D., Severe Depression, Chronic Anxiety and a host of other debilitating conditions. Absolutely convinced in the science behind my new enlightenment I enrolled to become a practitioner in Positive Psychology, and have become a member of the International  Positive Psychology Association. I am now using these fundamental principles in a  mentoring and coaching roll.

I hope to role out some new courses in 2016. However the fundamental principle behind this site is to serve those most in need – and as we build, we will be growing as many free resources and help as we can.


What ever brought you here in the first place, I truly hope that you feel that it has been worthwhile and will use the blog and articles to give you a better understanding of this terrible condition.


I would also urge that you sign up to our Free no obligation newsletter to receive updates, news, free resources and much more. Moreover, you can simply unsubscribe at the click of a button because we hate SPAM and won’t bother you continually with poor quality article and resources just to get you to buy some new product.


Again, thank you for taking time to visit us.


And for those of you still trapped in the living hell – I promise that you can transform your lives and Stop General Anxiety & Panic Attacks Fast.


Also feel free to contact us using the form provided – every one gets read, and when possible, we get back to you asap.


Go on – you can do it!




Tom Alexander

(1) IMPORTANT: Whilst we have taken every care to reflect actual results in our testimonials they should not be interpreted as TYPICAL Results. Remember we are all individuals and our circumstances differ considerably, accordingly results will vary.

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