The Malignant Optimism of the Abused

optimism at stress free minds

I often come across sad examples of the powers of self-delusion that the narcissist provokes in his victims. It is what I call “malignant optimism”. People refuse to believe that some questions are unsolvable, some diseases incurable, some disasters inevitable. They see a sign of hope in every fluctuation. They read meaning and patterns into […]

The ‘Gratitude’ Dilemma Unsolved

Gratitude at stress free minds

As you will soon find out, showing gratitude for everything, ranging from mundane trivia to life-changing events is frequently touted as the route to happiness. Gratitude can be adequately defined as a form of self-acceptance that shows your appreciation for your surrounding situation. You can be grateful for practically anything: the tangibles and the intangibles, […]

Mind Power Through Mindfulness

mindfulness at stress free minds

  Basic mindfulness exercises put you in a state of awareness where distractions are let go, and your mind power is able to function more effectively. They help you think more clearly and concentrate better. They are also easy exercises to do. More Mind Power in Minutes A basic mindfulness exercise starts with sitting down, […]

How Can The Law Of Attraction Work For You?


  As its name states it, the law of attraction has as its main principle the attraction one. Things happen to us all the time, things we complain about or things that we are happy about. There are times when we think something will happen to us, but we come to realize that it just […]

New App to Gamify Positive Psychology


  New App to Gamify Positive Psychology By DE Brown January 4, 2016   New app, backed by sciences set to launch January 1, 2015, mentally conditions users for greater happiness. Recent research in positive psychology shows happiness is more than a mood or a feeling—it’s a skill. A new app called Feed Your […]

Gratitude To Ultimately Achieve Your Success

Gratitude is the foundation

Mastering The Art Of Showing Gratitude To Ultimately Achieve Your Success Gratitude. I’m sure you have heard of this word before and you probably know that it simply means a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation. Gratitude may be a mouthful to pronounce but the act of showing it is actually rather simple and effective to […]

Nurturing Altruism


Nurturing Altruism: In most of the cultures and philosophies, altruism or selflessness has been promoted. The term altruism was first termed by Auguste Comte. In life, you will always come across people who prefer to push other people in the face of adversity so that they can reach their destination easily. They never think about […]