How to Experience That Everything Is One Consciousness in Meditation

In order to revel in that everything is one focus in meditation, first we must look at what is preventing you from experiencing oneness.

And what is preventing you is your thinking? Not simply thinking itself however your identification with it. It is the perceiving this second together with your thoughts that stop you from feeling that the whole thing is one cognizance.

When you outline, describe or decide some thing, you’ve got separated your self from it. It is your questioning that separates you from the whole thing else. It is what thinking is supposed to do. It is supposed to label and categorize the whole lot it reviews. But in doing so, it gives the experience of an character ‘you’ this is break free everything else.

This does no longer suggest you have to prevent wondering all collectively a good way to revel in that the whole lot is one cognizance. But if you do no longer have thoughts to define your enjoy on this moment, how do you experience this moment?

One way you enjoy this moment is focus. And if you turn your interest to focus without the use of mind to outline your enjoy, then there is most effective recognition. There is nothing outside of attention. There is most effective cognizance.

You would possibly observe that there nonetheless is a feeling of separation on this. Because you are ultimate in awareness, however that focus does no longer contact the world, it remains transcendent of it.

And the instant you take element inside the global again, there may be separation. So wherein is that experience that the whole thing is one attention?

The answer is, we look at the alternative way to experience that everything is one focus and that is through feeling. You absolutely ought to loosen up your attention returned into its extra primal experience of feeling. Feeling is also awareness but it connects cognizance with the whole lot. It moves you directly into the enjoy of oneness in meditation.

When I say feeling, I am no longer relating to emotion, however actual feeling, the way it feels to exist in this second.

First, near your eyes in this second and allow your interest rest within the how it feels to exist on this second, without labeling it, simply feeling it.

This isn’t some thing you could do with wondering. It is greater easy than thinking, you simply sense into this moment. Without wondering, what’s the enjoy of existing on this second? Feel this enjoy.

If you do that, you may feel that the whole lot is one attention because at the level of feeling, there may be no separation from anything. Everything is simply formless strength. Only in wondering, in defining does the whole lot take on form and solidity. But along with your eyes closed, when you sense your self present in this moment, the entirety is formless energy. Everything is felt as one focus.

The fastest and best way to revel in that everything is one awareness is through receiving Shakti. Shakti is the power vibration of oneness, of enlightenment. So when you obtain it, you at once sense formless strength as bliss. Then all you need to do is rest your interest inside the bliss. The bliss itself awakens you into enlightenment.

In the past you could only receive Shakti from and enlightened teacher. But you may now also get hold of Shakti thru sound. So simply through listening to some very particular meditation track, you acquire Shakti which you can sense as bliss and this bliss meditates you. You can hear loose samples of this Shakti Oneness Music with the aid of clicking right here.

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