How to Meditate? Short and Effective Guide on Zen Meditation

It’s a thousand year vintage practice of introspection – how to pay attention to your self. A few minutes in an afternoon you dedicate to yourself to sit down in peace, relax and manipulate your respiratory. Way to completely "reset" your thoughts, discard fears, pursuits, plans, obligations and discover yourself.


First, take a seat on the floor in a cross-legged fashion. Do not take a seat in a chair, however you could use a pillow if you discover it simpler. The critical aspect is your lower back to be immediately. This function is semi-awkward for a motive – that will help you not fall asleep.


The common meditation lasts 10 to 15 mins. Don’t put on your self precise time frames, simply meditate how plenty you suspect is ideal for you. It can be five or 35 mins.


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