Meditating At The Park

During my many long years of meditation practice I’ve regularly obtained a visit, whilst I became still and immobile as a statue, in the lotus posture, from bugs that turned around me. I usually attempted to determine out what they desired from me in the ones specific and specific moments or what became the message they wanted to convey. I realized, in fact, looking my teach of idea, that their arrival, and staying, have been regularly associated with what I changed into questioning at that second, and principally, whilst the thoughts was taking me away, this is once I became going to get lost in an countless notion after which exiting from the existing state of the reality of that time.

Also the day before today, in the course of meditation at the park with 8 other pals, at a certain second came a flying insect, which I did no longer see due to the fact I usually preserve my eyes closed, to turn round my head, with a noisy buzzing. As soon as it arrived, I right now found out that I was, even then, going away with a concept, I do not keep in mind where, however sincerely I became truly dropping myself inside it. Its arrival, and loud buzzing, took me right away lower back to fact and no longer handiest that, in truth, accompanied through the sound of wings beating quicker, subsequent to me, there was even a idea, an inner voice, a conversation of a sort that I sensed and decoded in my thoughts as phrases spoken, which genuinely said: "Shut up and pay attention to the voice of God."

At that actual moment I found out that within the international of nature, thinking is to talk up loud; it is intense noise that superimposes and smothers all different gentle voices. When I observe my thoughts, once I study the mind, when the thoughts takes me away, I’m alert and gift no more to the accepted voice of God. It became not an invitation; it become nearly an order, a bit aggravated too, as though to say: You are right here again following your thoughts and letting it bring you around with it. Stop the mind and constantly continues to pay attention to the language of lifestyles.

It’s clearly clear to me at this point, that there are approaches of dwelling and decoding the everyday life, one is getting lost in it, in the world of guy, and the opposite is giving space to our internal silence that captures the whole thing that occurs and has ears that allow us to listen the voices of the cosmos, the voices of the endless, which in the end are without a doubt the voice of God.

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