Meditation – A Transformation of Consciousness

Real happiness is religious, it’s an inner job. This being so, why don’t we experience happiness on an ongoing daily foundation? To solution this let us discover what can be blocking off our natural happiness and how we will rectify such. Let us have a look at how spiritual dogma, literal interpretation of scriptures and their resultant thoughts-sets, might also have stressed, deceive or unwell-served us in life.

Baptismal Contract

Awakening out of " formal religion" conditioning well-knownshows that we have been dwelling a spiritual / baptismal settlement now not of our own deciding on or signing. And, unusually, however for the subtly imposed fear clause, this water over the head "settlement" could have been opted out of at any time. Misguided, we lived the fear, myth, and accepted domination; we relinquished our very own Christ-within dedication and became "literal" prisoners of the institutional "arrangements". Even even though we sensed "our church" had been maintaining lower back on the essence of the Jesus-meant Way to soul liberation, we conformed to Institutional liberalism and its democracy premised on collective ignorance maintained thru worry-instilling dogmas. The truth of route is, that we depend entirely on direct experiential contact with our already present inner Christ nature. In different words, we each own a cosmically-designed constitution (brain, apprehensive system/spiritual mechanisms) drawn up by way of the Almighty and managed with the aid of evolution for the sole cause of "saving" every soul through our very own Christ "within" focus.

As spirit beings we are every encoded to locating or coming upon this saving Truth through inward undertaking. We’re each given the gear (endocrine or glandular device / chakras) to actualize Truth: come to be Self or Christ-Realized experientially now, in consciousness, and no longer a while within the future.

Sense-Based Happiness

Many seem no longer to recognize that by means of continuously (unwittingly) in search of and experiencing completely thru experience-based happiness we are unconsciously stating that lasting happiness can simplest be found WITHOUT thereby subjectively denying our actual "inside" bliss recognition. An computerized loop is proclaiming: when I discover that unique individual, residence, employment, fame and many others., happiness will COME, then I’ll be glad. Such mind-sets are delusional. Outcomes as these will of path make the ego experience happy or inflated but, because of evolution and change, such happiness can in no way be lasting, best fleeting, as such, requires constant "topping-up". Dependence on outer-international happiness ends in addictive personality — thoughts / senses turning into overpowered through stimulant attachment to nearly the whole lot it/they come upon thereby denying our innately gift Heart happiness.

The thoughts, thru on-going discontent, instinctively seeks happiness through the senses, this is its nature — but thoughts can in no way be satisfied till it comes upon its authentic nature — bliss. With the senses duty-sure to serve the mind, the non-spiritually awakening thoughts will accept artificial happiness from any source — to consist of political, non secular or corporate dogmas,not to mention the "world" menu — but this sense thirst craving can by no means be quenched by using the "global" — by outer sources.

While the thoughts is cosmically encoded to enjoyable its full stature of elevated eternality in bliss or divine recognition, the manner calls for individual conscious selection, meaning, engaging in meditational practices consisting of deep inner silence main to bliss-recognition.

So lengthy because the addictive-pushed senses remain the sole provider of contentment, mind remains out of its own cosmic bliss nature, thus functioning within the realm of sub recognition or religious lack of knowledge. In finding bliss thoughts reveals everlasting herbal success, contentment, and, no longer scours the "global" junk-menu for sense-fixes.

"Lost" to Wisdom and Life Direction

Consider the subsequent. Have we ever been misplaced in a odd vicinity in a overseas Country? And thru a experience of panic, we robotically take every incorrect flip consequently leading to more anxiety – we lose our natural bearings. Out of worry we song OUT rather than IN. We do this instinctively while we lose internal calm and are available under the controlling grip of ice-chilling fear. Similarly, thru discontentment, self-doubt, lack of Self-focus, contradicting mind-units, strain, worry, worry and "fix" searching, (addictions), mind / anxious system become exhausted and spiritually disorientated — "lost". Panic severs our route to divine understanding and we are automatically drawn outwards, come to be ego or worry-led (scripture places it: "Peter drew his sword and severed the arresting defend’s proper ear", in Gethsemane, John 18:1-10, meaning worry / dominant ego, cuts of the course to our Higher Self wisdom). "Peter" in scripture, of route, represents the decrease ego, to which Jesus rebukes saying: "get at the back of Me heathen" (terrible thoughts-units). In different phrases, do not lead via lower ego or "world"-formed conditioning, rather via "Me", our personal internal awakening love-natured, know-how-complete soul.

Similarly, through weariness and fatiguing existence, we appear evidently to make extraordinary and irrational selections all of that may lead thoughts to settling for a crutched existence, a faux unnatural or contrived happiness to ease existence’s burdens and respite from chore responsibilities. Wisdom is blocked and we classically pass over the calm portal to where this Glorious bliss happiness dwells transcendentally (within).

I’m positive most folks are familiar with the subsequent, however, for the gain of these no longer, here’s a repeat. When the Good Lord turned into looking for a safe spot to area this Jewel of Happiness, (biblical Prince of Peace) he located it where we should never lose it irrespective of how ‘misplaced’ we became. He positioned it inside awareness for such calls for transcendental travelling, requires activating the metamorphic meditation button to inner cosmic calm nature. This inside-awareness represents our everlasting Spiritual Essence as become independent from egoism finite thoughts. This "inside spot" is not a bodily location, rather a nation: our unseen transcendental or raised Christ Nature. When we cease frantically searching WITHOUT for happiness, and direct mind (in meditation) to inside as a consequence do we engage or activate were the Good Lord located the wondrous happiness Jewel. Here we discover the calm-imbued doorway leading "lost" egoistical mind from its finite island-refuge of outer happiness reliance to the expansive, everlasting ocean of inner transcendental bliss; the soul’s sonar turning into re-attuned with its "forgotten" (conditioned over) cosmic nature.

On attaining the "Jewel spot" inside, the mind’s unconscious programming (addictive thoughts-sets) start dissolving, defragging — prioritizing via awareness — and, in percentage to senses / thoughts purification, human cognizance comes inside the range of the by no means-converting country of Cosmic Consciousness — "Will of God" — or Eternal Truth.

Conscious "Contact"

God is Love /Spirit and man/woman is made (of Spirit) within the (creative) photo (creativeness) and likeness (love nature) of God. True, BUT, it is "conscious touch" which validates Love experientially, which offers that means to all this non secular language we communicate and study approximately, for, highbrow expertise alone (of Spirit) isn’t enough.

Although unconditional by means of nature, (as in, the reservoir unconditionally substances water to each pipe RAISED to it) Love, on this regard, is conditional that we make "meditational silence" contact. Thus, the emphasis needs to be on raising our awareness, attractive Spirit Consciousness thru approach-based practices along with yoga, meditation and mindfulness in preference to relentlessly "searching" for highbrow validations. Meditational nature lived through our fearful machine validates ALL scriptures concurrently despite the fact that we have never examine any scriptures. In truth it is most effective after a diploma of meditational purification, (mind enlargement) that any of these biblical scriptures begin making any practical, everyday-lifestyles experience.

My interpretation of Matthew 6:33: "Seek ye first the Kingdom and all its righteousness and all else will be introduced unto you", is: seek meditational bliss silence thereby activating the Thymus love gland — the Sacred or Cosmic Heart — as a consequence is human consciousness set upon the transformational manner of turning into found out in Christ Consciousness.


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