Qigong: An Easier, Better-Feeling, More-Effective Meditation Technique

When you reflect onconsideration on meditating, what do you wish to get from it?

Is it strain comfort? Feeling more peaceful? Do you need to improve your health and increase your power? Do you desire to permit go of bad mind, emotions, and ideals, so that you can occur what your soul desires? Do you long to connect more deeply together with your non secular path and purpose?

There are many exclusive forms of meditation that promise many of those blessings. These encompass revolutionary relaxation, mindfulness, breath cognizance, loving kindness, perception, mantra, and diverse contemplative techniques.

If you have attempted any or many of these, what were your outcomes?

Did you find it tough to relax, permit cross of questioning, and locate that deeper peaceful vicinity? Did you find yourself fidgety or agitated? Did they go away your body stiff, your mind pissed off, or your coronary heart still craving for that non secular bliss meditation had promised?

What if I instructed you there may be one meditation fashion that is less difficult, feels better, and is more effective in reaching all of the advantages you’re looking for?

In my revel in, that approach is Qigong ("chee-gung") Meditation.

Qigong is an ancient exercise with roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In China, it’s miles frequently prescribed as complementary remedy for a variety of ailments and normal practice is promoted as the quality preventative medication. Many begin Qigong to relieve stress, enhance fitness, or boost their temper and energy.

Yet, as you practice Qigong, you soon discover that the relaxation, fitness, and power benefits are just the beginning. Qigong progresses in ranges from postural alignment and deep rest, to inner peace and nice feeling, to more self-consciousness and perception, to profound states of connection with your religious essence, guidance, and life motive.

Qigong accomplishes this via a mixture of status and seated postures, the usage of each stillness and gentle movement. You is probably familiar with one of the extra famous types of Qigong called "T’ai Chi." T’ai chi is a status, moving shape of Qigong this is an tricky martial arts sequence. Most kinds of Qigong are much easier.

My first revel in of Qigong was, in truth, gaining knowledge of T’ai Chi. Yet, within the method of learning T’ai Chi, I started to get increasingly more inquisitive about the meditative, lively, and non secular dimensions-that is what Qigong Meditation is all about.

Here are some insights and suggestions from Qigong that you may follow to your personal meditation practice:

1. Practice correct posture, each status and seated

One thing that makes Qigong Meditation unique is its emphasis on Standing Meditation. Standing Meditation is a effective manner to launch persistent anxiety, relax and align your complete body, raise your strength and immune function, and assist you experience greater grounded, balanced, and assured. Regular practice of Standing Meditation translates to feeling comfortable and empowered in all of your sports and interactions in the international.

Seated meditation in Qigong is executed sitting in a chair, which is both less complicated and greater at ease for most Westerners. Sitting on this manner additionally translates nicely to feeling secure and empowered whilst you are in conferences, at paintings, and doing other usually-seated sports.

Posture standards of Qigong, whether or not Standing or Seated, include:

*Feeling the whole sole of both toes firmly on the floor, parallel with every other

*Aligning your knees, hips, and shoulders along with your feet

*Relaxing your shoulders down, while softening and liberating anxiety for your palms and arms, and

* Imagining a string attached to the top of your head, drawing your spine lightly upright

2. Alternate among stillness and movement

Qigong meditation alternates nevertheless Standing Meditation and Seated Meditation with simple actions to release tension and enhance power go with the flow. Not most effective is that this a excellent schooling collection that feels precise, it’s far an important principle to apply at some point of your day.

In preferred, we take a seat an excessive amount of-and that is horrific for our health. Your body is made to move and lots of bodily capabilities (consisting of digestion, respiration, and flow of blood and lymphatic fluid) do not paintings well until you stand and circulate.

So, it is fine to alternate sitting, status, and movement throughout the day. This breaks patterns of stagnant electricity, stiffness, and lethargy, so that you experience loose, fluid, high quality, and alive!

three. Focus on internal sensations

Qigong makes a speciality of feeling sensations interior your body-a little-advanced internal ability called "interoception." Focusing on interoception immediately brings you into the existing second. It additionally fast and without problems quiets your thoughts.

The a part of your brain that is associated with sensation is deep inside the center of your mind, an area this is free from thoughts. Bringing felt sensations into the leading edge of your attention permits mind to fade to the historical past, giving your thoughts rest from the strain of over-thinking.

Feeling sensations also gets you greater in contact along with your feelings. Yet, it does so in a way that doesn’t weigh down you. When you feel your feelings as sensations to your frame, you tap into the electricity and data to be had to your feelings, without being swept up in the tales of suffering associated with them.

four. Feel the feeling of respiration

Another sensation you learn how to focus into in Qigong is your respiratory. You music into the diffused rhythm and flow of in-breath and out-breath.

Breath focus allows the insight that each one matters come and cross in a natural rhythm. This encourages you to flow with herbal rhythms, in place of forcing things to be the manner you need them to.

Breath recognition also leads to diffused electricity focus. In respiratory, you attract oxygen, the strength of existence. As you attend to this most fundamental manner, you become aware of the truth that you are a being of energy, fed by means of the air around you. Your existence is intimately linked along with your environment.

As you cross deeper into the sensation of life electricity, you recognise which you are intimately related to the Source of your existence. You are embodied Energy, embodied Spirit. You come to know your self as a part of the One, Universal, Life Energy we all proportion.

Resting in that awareness, you understand that all is well. You recognize a state of quiet, nonetheless, spacious internal peace. It’s an outstanding feeling!

How would you want to start every day with that feeling?

I invite you to try out Qigong for yourself, both by way of applying the above ideas on your cutting-edge rituals or by using getting to know Qigong Meditation.

Enjoy your practice!


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