Shiva Lingam Mala Beads

Add a mala blessed with a sacred purpose in your altar and your vibrations will merge with those inside the cosmos taking you to a better plateau of consciousness.

Sacred stones and prayer malas were an vital component in spirituality from the very moment we wished a physical form for our sacred vision. Giving form to devotion by means of carving deities into caves, building holy temple shrines, and domestic altars, every an extension of the divinity that exists in each one folks. The shiva lingam is one of the earliest honored sacred paperwork that is taken into consideration the basis of the pranic energy inside your body. The field of electricity that envelopes the Divine Mind, brings you to the sacredness that those stone have carried for centuries. Practising meditation and following this ancient lifestyle affords us with a easy and powerful manner to magnify and attention on our spirituality. As cosmic spirits we energize every different thru the medium of divinity. Mala beads strung with powerful intentions increase your kundalini and align your chakras. Add a rudraksha bead or a tulsi bead in your chakra stone and you’ve got the capacity to appear your intentions, merging into the conflux of vibrations that exist already around us, empowering you with sustenance and pranic strength.

Associating a mantra with a specific stone alters the vibrations of the stones and the chakra, balancing and intensifying the strength inside you. Inspiring mindfulness, as we lose ourselves to the waves of stillness, mala beads strung with shiva lingam pendants and chakra stones are natural and non violent tools of meditation. An important part of you and your altar which is however an extension of your divinity, meditation in patience, slowness and stillness allow us to floor ourselves to the center of mother earth so the delicate balance between our physical shape and the divine remains balanced.

Recognize your connection with the third eye, as you mindfully region a prayer on the mala and start your mantra. Now your thoughts and intentions are left inside the abandonment of the universe, hanging a stability among the pineal gland and the better self, honing your visionary capacity. Shiva Lingam malas are stunning sacred and divine factors that boost your pranic strength but are grounding stones as properly. Just as their shape they cocoon your prana with divine joy and provide you with the calmness of knowing that your inner self is hooked up to the spirit. Shiva lingam malas are stunning zen gear balancing the chi power, aligns planetary energies and harmonizes the soul. Carrying vibrations from a few years the shiva lingam malas with rudraksha, jade, garnet and carnelian pulsate with pranic strength that heals and balances the chakras and your aura.

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