The Bankrupt Mind

The Mind is Timeless and everlasting so how can we have a bankrupt thoughts?

As I see it, it is the ego in the mind with its belief of chronological time this is the hassle. The wondering procedure that we use with its verbalization ties us to the arena of the beyond, gift and the destiny. It makes us time tourists who trust that wondering will clear up all our problems and who worry that if we stopped wondering, we would disappear from the thoughts altogether. Thus the thinking procedure in maximum people will become a self-sustaining manner in which one notion ends and every other one starts. It turns into like a squirrel in a cage where one goes round and round in circles. It will become a habit wherein one feels that one can’t prevent thinking.

But do you understand that our questioning system may be very confined? One might be a genius, a splendid scientist or a philosopher, however the truth stays that our questioning is restricted. Why? It is because all our thinking is based on the centuries of expertise we have amassed from the world that we realize today. Yes, we will suppose simplest within the phrases of the recognised world not the unknown. Therefore, if we have been to imagine what lifestyles forms may be discovered in a distant galaxy that’s the unknown, we will handiest conjure up photos of life from the styles and sizes of creatures that we’ve got located on our planet earth so far. We can run wild with our creativeness but we will handiest be capable of build a picture based on the creatures that we’ve regarded on this global and from the geometry of the structures we recognise. So to recognize the Timeless or the Unknown one has to head past the questioning manner that we recognize. The Timeless or the Unknown can only be liked while the thinking manner turns into nevertheless on its very own volition with the realization that it’s miles constrained.

Because our questioning technique creates such confusion, chaos and battle in our thoughts with its consistent verbal chatter that we are forced to search for a few internal peace. The techniques of meditation we’ve got developed in which we exclude all obtrusive mind and concentrate on one issue may also provide us brief peace of mind. But it’s miles a delusive course because we fail to recognize the fact that the real purpose of meditation is to find out the Timeless size.

The Timeless is all spherical us and is usually in the present. One does now not have to cross looking for it. It is a measurement in itself as real because the chronological time size that we’ve created and live in. The best element that separates us from the Timeless measurement is our notion. Everyone stories and has a glimpse of this Timeless dimension on occasion, but as we’re too worried with our daily chores in time journeying we fail to realize it. However, if we were to transport far from any guy-made shape at any given time, we can be in reality on foot into the Timeless quarter. So whilst one is taking a walk in the garden or in a park and if one will become privy to it, one will soon start experiencing the undying quarter. In the barren region it’s miles even more overpowering and overwhelming. When the observer within the mind and what’s being found grow to be one phenomenon, you’re experiencing the Timeless dimension. Please understand it and emerge as one with it. Do now not verbalize it; in any other case you will revert again into your personal time region. Look round, turn out to be aware and you will know what I am talking about. That is genuine meditation while one turns into privy to one’s internal in addition to the outer world. It is an all-inclusive procedure, not an one of a kind process. You will begin experiencing and knowledge eternity while you are nevertheless alive, now not once you die.

So what’s a bankrupt mind? It is a thoughts that perceives the fact in a announcement, however then ignores it because it might have an effect on the consolation quarter that one has created for oneself. It is a thoughts that resists exchange for fear that if one did trade, one may lose one’s identity with all its associated ideals and ideologies. It is a thoughts this is stuck in a groove steeped in traditions and philosophies and not using a insight into how you can move approximately freeing oneself from the internet of time. It is a thoughts this is rigid, unreasonable and contradictory that has misplaced its potential to concentrate.

Now if you think you’ve got an open thoughts and inclined to recognize how you use on this hypnotic world, I would urge you to study my e book "The Enchanted Time Traveller- A Book of Self-information and the Subconscious Mind". Mental contamination is growing in societies all over the international with its related violence. The Titanic is sinking. Health professionals need to be in the crew that is handing out existence jackets and assisting people get into lifestyles boats, but lamentably maximum folks are in the group that is rearranging decks chairs or gambling the band on the deliver.

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