What Is True Meditation?

Meditation is the method of synthesis that can commune us with the entire cosmos, making us one with the Absolute. It does now not imply mere sitting in a specific posture and working towards a few physical activities or the very tries of focusing on a void… Basically for meditation 3 things are required:

  1. Meditator: the one who meditates.
  2. Meditating Object: the stimuli upon which to meditate.
  3. Meditation Process: the method concerned in meditation.

But, the meditating item must no longer be misinterpreted as some thing external. As the thoughts is so fickle that at one second, it’s far here and in a fragment of 2nd, it’s miles someplace else. In our holy scriptures our fickle, wavering thoughts is in comparison to the flowing water, for, just like water, thoughts too has the tendency of flowing downwards. However, for a wholesome, balanced, and morally high residing, this downward glide of the mind needs to be reversed. Now are we able to reverse the direction of our thoughts float?… We have as compared our mind with water. How are we able to make water upward push upwards?… Very simple! Just place the flame of hearth below and water will start converting into steam, which has the tendency of rising up. The same manner we want the flames of certain type of hearth that could evaporate and, consequently, chic our mind. But, what flames? And, which hearth? Our splendid ones display that the water of our thoughts can be sublimated by the blazing flames of the fire of True Knowledge, or Divine Knowledge, or ‘Brahm Gyan’, imparted via a Perfect Master. For the hole of our inner world lies in the middle of the physical eyes known as ‘Divine Eye’ or ‘Third Eye’ which can be opened via the everlasting technology of ‘Brahm Gyan’ simplest.

Meditation primarily based on genuine knowledge controls and influences the human mind lobes… Leading to a total mind development. But how? Actually proper understanding turns on the Cerebrum (the biggest part of the mind). The activation of the Cerebrum thru true knowledge similarly sports a tremendous effect on the Cerebellum or ‘little brain’, the structure this is associated with the regulation and coordination of motion, posture and balance. Not best this, even for the right functioning of the Limbic device, the ’emotional mind’, green operating of the Cerebrum is needed. Thus, true information can control all levels of body structure.

One critical question arises right here: "What’s the evidence that the know-how we acquire from a Spiritual Master is ‘True Knowledge’?"

Dear brothers and sisters, the only identity standards for this is that you could be able to acquire the meditating item, that’s nothing but our very own True Self, our Pure Consciousness, as is hinted inside the quotation by using Swami Vivekananda:

If there is God we have to see Him; if there may be a Soul we must understand it; otherwise it’s miles higher no longer to consider. It is higher to be an outspoken atheist than a hypocrite.

Thus if the Spiritual Master permits you to see God and perceive your soul, then the expertise imparted by him is ‘True Knowledge’, and you could be confident that your Third Eye has been opened; for, with out it, you can not behold the divine studies within. Above all, this indicates the graduation of your spiritual odyssey!


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